Jailbreakme - Download, Install and Run Jailbreakme Tool to Install Cydia 6.X for IOS

How to use Jailbreakme tool to install cydia on your IOS devices - Complete Step Guide

The modern era is all about fulfilling all kinds of needs like the need for communication, the need for entertainment, the need for solace etc. All these needs nowadays are being fulfilled by a single device. These devices are known as smart phones or hand held devices. Each of them functions like a mini computer and can perform all of the functions that a lap top can perform. Apple is the world market leader for hand held devices and smart phones. However because it insists on controlling and protecting its inner software and operating system from the general public, the fanatics have found ways and means to subvert that.

What is Jail break? 

Jail breaking is the process of bypassing all the security measures set up by Apple so that its core software remains untouched and unblemished. Any Apple user that wants to connect Apple’s device to the network of his/her choice has to first jail break the phone. It is through this process that you can cause changes to the functionality of the system.

Jailbreak IOS Devices

Tool for Jailbreaking

Jail breaking is a bit of a complicated process and therefore it is usually taken care of by specific programs or software. The purpose of these programs is single fold – to jail break Apple devices. The best program to achieve this end available right now on the market is jailbreakme. It is very simple to use and can do the job required of it. It is different from most other tools and is the most popular one on the market. The great benefit of using jailbreakme is that it does not erase any data available on your device.

Jailbreaking Tool

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To install jailbreakme on your device, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Visit Jailbreakme.com on your iOS device through mobile safari. You must remember that to jail break any iOS device running firmware versions between 3.1.2 and 4.0.1 you will need to visit Jailbreakme/star. For firmware versions onwards of 1.0.1 you can visit jailbreakme.com. 
  • Once you reach the jailbreakme.com/star website, you will be asked to slide-to-jail break. Just follow the steps that the website asks and you will shortly see Cydia on your home screen. This means that the jail break was a success. The people who have jailbreakme.com will see a webpage that looks much like an app in the app store. Tap the free button and install button in succession; you should be seeing Cydia being loaded onto your home screen. Once the progress reaches 100%, your device has been jail broken.

Jailbreakme IOS 6.X

  • Before launching Cydia, you must restart your device. This ensures that he process is fool proof. 

Cydia is a great program or app that lets you make changes on the various kinds of software available on your apple device. It also has something known as the Cydia Store which is nothing but an app store for Cydia users. The only difference between the apps on the Apple app store and the Cydia store is that the apps on Cydia are available for free.

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