How to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 - Step Guide

Can apple tv 3 can be jailbreaked - complete steps to jailbreak Apple TV 3 and use iJailbreakpro to reverse jailbreak

Apple is a company that has been consistently delivering on their promise of offering innovative products with seamless design. These products are always the talk of the town months and sometimes even years before they are launched. Apple as a company is controlling in nature. It aims at creating a consumer experience for the customer that is totally in its control. Therefore all of their systems and products have preemptive measures installed that deter you from entering into their systems.


Jail break is a process that was invented to bypass the security measures set by Apple. These security measures render the consumers helpless when it comes to hacking in to the core software of the Apple device. Jail break ensures that the main Operating System of your Apple device is susceptible to external tweaks. After you jailbreak into your Apple device, you can make changes to your device’s system through the help and use of Cydia.

Jailbreak Apple TV 3 to Install Cydia

To Jail break into your Apple TV 3, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Back up all the files saved on your T.V hard drive. You don’t want any important file of yours going kaput now, do you? This will ensure that no matter how the jailbreak session goes, the files you want to save will be with you.
  • Install jail breaking software on your computer. By doing this you will have selected the mode of your jail breaking. The best site that offers its jail breaking service for Apple T.V is iJailbreakpro. The software runs like a dream.
  • Connect your computer and Apple T.V with a U.S.B cord. This gives you functional access to your T.V. It is a crucial step for the eventual jail breaking of your T.V.
  • Let the jail break program run on your computer. The software usually has clear instructions imparted in the form of short steps to be taken in proper order or succession. 
  • This should have jail broken your T.V. If some error occurs you can contact the support staff of the software company. For ease of usage, iJailbreakpro has also included the option of reversing the jail break in case you change your mind.


Cydia is the software that enables any jail broken device to be susceptible to functional change. For example your Apple T.V 3 is jail broken and then you want to change the settings to give you weather forecasts in regular fashion. This can be done with the help of Cydia. Further you can also download additional tweaks for you apple T.V’s software.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

The great part about jail breaking into your Apple T.V is that you will a huge number of channels and shows for free. A lot of thee channels and shows that you will get will not be available to the Apple T.V users who have chosen to not jail break into their device’s system. This gives you some kind of exclusive content for absolutely no charge at all.

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