Cydia Store - Get the Latest and Best Cydia Tweaks for IOS Devices

How to download the best cydia tweaks from cydia store and how to get the latest updates on cydia tweaks

What is Cydia?

Cydia is software that enables Apple users to run functional changes on the iOS itself. It is a great app to download apps that enhance your user experience with the device. The functional changes to your device’s OS will come with the help of tweaks.

Cydia Tweaks in Store

What are Cydia tweaks?

Tweaks are the updates offered on Cydia that will cause changes to the existing software on the iOS. This means that you can customize your device according to your own specifications. Tweaks are offered for even the tiniest possible functional change, like a swipe or a back button. Everything can be customized with the help of Cydia and nothing is out of reach.

Cydia Tweaks in Store


You can install Cydia on to your device, provided that it is jail broken. You cannot use Cydia on devices that have not been jail broken. Jail breaking is the process of overcome the security measures set by Apple on any of its devices. Apple does this to ensure that users cannot interfere with the user experience set by it. Jail breaking is the act of rebellion through which countless users can partake in a user experience that is personalized and therefore all the more richer.

To jail break an Apple device you have to install a jail breaking program or software. This will enable you jail break your phone if you follow all the steps set by the program correctly. After the jail breaking process is complete, you can install Cydia on your phone and make use of the millions of tweaks and apps on its database.

Cydia Store

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What is Cydia Store?

The main purpose of Cydia is to improve the functionality of the device that it is installed on. This it does through the help of apps and tweaks. Tweaks are generally downloaded through set updates which arrive periodically in the form of notifications. However apps are downloaded differently. To download apps, Cydia has a separate page called the Cydia Apple Store. This store is much the like the Apple app store except that it is free. Each and every app and tweak on Cydia is available for absolutely no charge. Apps are of various categories and are developed by third parties. The apps that appear on the Apple store often have a dummy version on Cydia. This makes it all the better because you can constantly improve on the functionality of those apps through tweaks and updates.

For any app to be available on the Apple app store, it has to pass a few checks from the company appointed app curator. Some good apps lose out on a market because they are unable to fulfill certain criteria deemed essential by Apple. Cydia doesn’t have any policy regarding apps except maybe a few basic rules. Apart from that any and all kinds of apps and tweaks are welcomed. This has resulted in a complete opening up of the app market and a lot of developers are developing apps specifically for Cydia. This has only meant that more apps are in store for Cydia users.

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